Books (Open access)

Notes on Star Formation

Krumholz, M. 2020, The Open Astrophysics Bookshelf

PDF available here
This book is based on a series of lectures given by the author in his graduate class on star formation, taught regularly since 2009. The book is intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduates in astronomy or physics, but does not presume detailed knowledge of particular areas of astrophysics. Its goal it to provide a general overview of the field of star formation, at a level that would enable a student to begin independent research in the area. The book continues to be updated periodically to reflect developments in the field. 

The Physics of the Interstellar Medium

Raga, A. Cantó, J, Rodríguez-González, A. 2020

PDF available here
This book reflects the content of and is based on notes for the ISM course which has been given at the UNAM by Jorge Cantó and Alejandro Raga for over 25 years. This book is directed to master’s, PhD students or researchers interested in calculating dynamical models of the ISM The book is strongly focussed on theoretical issues, with only minimal descriptions of the observational characteristics of the ISM.

George Herbig and Early Stellar Evolution

Reipurth, B. 2016, Institute for Astronomy Special Publications No. 1

PDF available here
A comprehensive biography of Star Formation pioneer George Herbig. The book focusrs on the life and groundbreaking work of George Herbig, with contributions from many in the community. Illustrated with 115 photos, mostly from Herbig's private collection.